Mentor Program
The role of mentors is to help accelerate members' journeys,
and meet amazing founders along the way.
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We are looking for mentors with successful founding or domain expertise
- Past Exit
- Domain Expertise (eg: grew TripAdvisor from 1m to 80m ARR)
- VC Expertise (eg: Partner at Pear VC)

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Example Mentors

We help founders grow

Marty Bickford
CEO of BOSS Startup Science
Janitor to 4x 100m+ Exits
Ben Sand raised 100m, solo founder from Austrialia
Ben Sand
CEO of Strong Compute
Raised 100m from Sequoia+
Y Combinator Founders Cafe
CEO of Causal Labs
Raised from Pear VC, & 3 more
Nils Bunger
CEO of Home3
1 Exit, prev Partner @ Pear VC

Mentor-Driven results

Raised 8.1m after joining
Subbu Rama
CEO of Balkan ID
Raised 1.4m after joining
Luigi La Corte
CEO of Provision
Y Combinator Founders Cafe
Raised 2m after joining
Orri Bogdan
CEO of Vae Labs
Raised 820k after joining
Calum Bird
CEO of Trelent
Raised 7.5m after joining
Sarah Nagy
CEO of Seek AI
Raised 2M after joining
CEO of Woo More Play
Raised 4M after joining
Pat Yiu Founder of Raise 4 million Tech Stars Web3
Pat Yiu
COO of Valts
Raised 7m after joining
Alexandre Jais
CEO of HeyWear
Raised 7.8m after joining
Ben Sand raised 100m, solo founder from Austrialia
Ben Sand
CEO of StrongCompute
Y Combinator Founders Cafe
Raised 2M after joining
Ananya Jain
CEO of Full Circle
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The Mentor Program

The role of mentors is to help early stage founders, and meet top tier founders and VCs along the way.

All mentors will
- Contribute 1 hr/week for mentoring
- Answer questions in private forum

Our team will
- Fill up your 1 hour block with mentees each week
- Tag you in the private forum if we need your help

You can expect to meet ~4 mentees each month.

The Secret Sauce

The biggest benefit for Mentors is meeting VCs, Mentors, and other top tier members.  Each month, our team will curate select intros based on your goals. As an added perk, your membership will also get discounted from $1890/year to $600/year.
For Example:
1. Christina (Product Mentor) raised 2m with the help of Nils, another mentor here 🙂
2. John (Raised 100m) founded Inception, a venture studio, through the help of Maddie & Ananya
3. Vaibhav (Tech Mentor) got into YC with the help of Ben Sand (2x YC mentor)
4. Mars (Partner @ PearVC) made investments in two companies here

You can expect to meet ~5 top tier members, Mentors, or VCs each month.

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Bootstrapped to 1M in profit.
1. Apply
We are looking for mentors with successful founding or domain expertise
2. Onboard
1. Share your goals & expertise
2. Setup a calendly for your mentees (max 1 hr/week)
3. We setup 5 intros with founders who can help you (VCs, top dogs, mentors)
3. Join our private community to get support from our team & community
3. Grow your network
1. Each month, we check in on your goals
2. We setup 5 intros (VCs, top members, mentors)
3. We send mentees to your calendly (max 1hr/week)
4. Get continued support on our private community

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Raised $2m after joining
I love the community I've built at FC. Nils (mentor) was instrumental in my fundraise. He helped me prepare my pitch deck, meet Pear VC, and close the round.

Christina Pawlikowski
CEO of Causal
2M Raised
Product Mentor
Made two investments in FC members
Founders Cafe introduced members to us, which led to PearVC making investments in two companies here.
Mar Hershenson
Partner of Pear VC
Runs FC events
Founded my company after joining
When I first joined, I had just exited my company. I had so many ideas, but I wasn't sure which one to pursue next. Meeting Maddie, Ananya, and other FC members gave me the inspiration to build Inception, Venture Studio.

I'm so grateful for FC. We just ran our first pilot and it was super successful.
John Whaley from Stanford raise 100m from a16z and more
John Whaley
CEO of Inception
Runs FC events



Contact us
- Block out 1 hour per week for mentoring
- Answer questions on the private forum
Exclusive Access to:
- All benefits in Executive Plan ($5,000 value)

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Member Love

Bobo harvard alum Founder


Harvard Alum, Ex-Facebook

‍Founders Cafe is an invaluable resource. We're a giving focused community and the people bring a special blend of knowledge and generosity. I get answers to questions in minutes that used to take hours of googling, and with the benefit of experience behind the answers

Pat Yiu Founder of Raise 4 million Tech Stars Web3


Raised 4m, Tech Stars

Founder's cafe has been a great way for me to chat quickly with other founders and share ideas / support them. Meeting other founders, bouncing ideas in the subgroups, learning about topics I'm not familiar with. There's a mix of serial entrepreneurs and new founders and it's really cool to see both sides.

Charles Javelona Founders of Buji.Tv


1 Exit, Raised 8M

I built a good network in Founders Cafe to take Buji next level. Network from SF to which helps me get introes to investors. Additionally, I learned new things from other founders that I wouldn't have learned by myself.


5-20k MRR

The value I get from the Founders Cafe community is a group of successful founders who already have revenue. Every time I ask a question, multiple people will respond with customized answers and options. Since everyone is pre-vetted, I know it's information I can trust from people who understand my position. And since its only founders - no investors or mentors - I can ask "dumb" questions freely and get the help I really need.

I love the community of people who genuinely want to help and learn from other founders. Its nice to feel like you are working on a team when you are a solo founder.

For who should join: Anyone in the startup space that is working solo. They have to value being committed and your annual fee helps weed out the people who don't. I think you are on to something.

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"By far the most active, supportive community I've been in"
- Orri, 2M Raised

Tried Launch House, On Deck, and 4 other founder communities.
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Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
Gay / Stanford / Made $180k through Minecraft & Amazon

I'm building Founders Cafe because being a solo founder can be really isolating. When I left Stanford to work on another startup, I lost 4 co-founders and a best friend. I woke up with anxiety, coded all day alone, and slept alone.

Now I wake up surrounded by friends -- Charles, Selena, Tom, Max, Heidi & more -- who helped me hit 10k MRR in 1 year.

If you're interested in joining the Founders Cafe, let's talk and if it's a good fit, down to invite you!
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When did you start Founders Cafe? Founders Cafe was founded 1.5 years ago, and quickly grew to 180 members. Many of our members are from YC, Stanford, a16z, and more.

Can member around the world join? Yes! We have members across the world in USA, London, India, and more. All events are recorded.

Contact us: Send any question to or jump on a 10m call
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