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"Got my pilot customers through FC. Then raised 1.4M"
Sarah Nagy, CEO of Seek.AI
0 ->7.5M Raised
"Got paying customers ($400-4k contracts) in 1-2 months"
Siraj Nazir, CEO of Stealth.
Multiple paying customers ($400-4k contracts)
"Raised 500k in a few months"
Luke Brickman, CEO of Textla.
500k Raised, 50k ARR.
"Got 100k Revenue in 3 months"
Harsha Abegunasekara, CEO of Metana.
300k Revenue.

"My network blew up. Funded founders, exited founders, VCs"
Bilal Sayed, CEO of GrowSmartly.
200k ARR
Raised $2m after joining
I love the community I've built at FC. Nils was instrumental in my fundraise. He helped me prepare my pitch deck, meet Pear VC, and close the round.
Christina Pawlikowski, CEO of Causal.
2M Raised. 100k ARR
"I closed someone on Friday! I think I hit PMF"
Frankie Johnson, CEO of ScatterMind.
3k MRR
Wouldn't have raised 2m without FC
Wouldn't have raised 2m without FC. Founders Cafe supercharged my network and led to VAE getting into the DSH Accelerator. This culminated in Draper Associates leading our round, as well as meeting industry-best investors and mentors to take us to the next level.
Orri Bodgan, CEO of Vae Labs.
2M Raised.
Build Profitable Startups
We help founders go from 0 to 4k MRR
In the shortest time frame possible
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Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
Gay / Stanford / Bootstrapped to 450k

I'm building Founders Cafe because being a solo founder can be really tough. When I left Stanford to work on another startup, I lost 4 co-founders and a best friend. I woke up with anxiety, coded all day alone, and slept alone.

This community and 1:1 coaching was the only thing that pulled me out of that nightmare. They helped me get my shit together. Build a profitable business, and have an amazing founder support network.

Since then, I've helped Siraj (Apple Pay/Google Pay exec), Robert (PearVC), Charles (prev raised 10M), and more get their first paying customers.

I use the frameworks that helped me build several business and get first paying customers in 1-2 months. I also draw from my experience getting tons of community members their first revenue.
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