Getting 10 meetings in a week!

May 24, 2023

As an entrepreneur or founder, establishing meaningful connections and securing meetings with potential partners, investors, or customers is vital for the growth and success of your startup.

In this article, we will explore effective strategies and techniques to help you secure an impressive goal of 10 meetings per week.

Leveraging Your Network

Start by reaching out to people you already know and who could potentially provide valuable insights or connections.

For example ,Christina (founder of Causal, VC backed by pear) got all her interviews done through people in her network. She worked previously as a Product overload at TripAdvisor + CIrcle, was Harvard MBA, was plugged into product communities, older women communities. She just hit them up, and interviewed a ton of Product/ML people on the topic of Experimentation. This led her to creating a startup with a massive pain point.

Craft messages that you would send to a friend, expressing your need for assistance and offering a short time commitment for an interview.

Engaging Second-Degree Connections

Once you have contacted your immediate network, it's time to expand your reach to second-degree connections. These can be individuals connected to you through your school network or via LinkedIn.

Dee told me his most converting email for his B2B startup was this email

To tap into this network, consider using the following approaches:

  • Send LinkedIn connection requests to at least 40 relevant professionals.
  • Send personalized cold emails to at least 30 individuals.
  • Engage with relevant groups on platforms like LinkedIn and contribute valuable insights or content. Aim for at least three group interactions per week.

Tips for effective outreach:

  • Keep it short AF
  • Keep it simple AF
  • Ask at the end of the interview if there are two people that they think you should speak to
  • Follow up (example: “hey :D what do u think”)

Playbooks That Work

Here are some successful playbooks used by entrepreneurs:

General framework

Adapt and customize emails or messages that have previously received positive responses.

Cold Email Example:

Warm Email Example:

In the network:

  • “Can I get an advice?”

-Best for networks within the same community, such as school.

  • “May startup died”

-Has an emotional touch

  • The LinkedIn approach

See this deck that I use:

  • Cold calling approach

See this method that I use:

Say this with a BIG SMILE on your face:

"Hi David, I know I probably caught you in the middle of something. But do you have 30 seconds for me to tell you why I'm calling? And then you can decide if you want to keep chatting?"

Example of Inbound:

  • Medium articles - 10 apps / 5 paying customers

  • In your website

Example for Outbound

  • Strong ass offer - cold email

Sample: has 10-25% Conversion

Hey Mandy, Congrats! – I read about your project in TechCrunch. So exciting!!!

I’d love help you get more B2B customers through my tech :D Just helped BigCo hit $20k MRR last week. Would love to share insights there 😃

What is the best way to talk by phone for 20 min?

LMK! Thanks :D

  • Can I get advice?

  • Therapist cold email

    • Send hyper personalized email
    • Get triggered response
    • Setup call

Other approaches that you can do:

  • Starting an insurance support group/community
    • Having people apply and interviewing them
  • Content - posting about learnings and insights, or big wins
  • Submissive
  • Google up communities in your industry
  • Communities like reddit,, slack, Facebook groups, Next Door, etc.
  • ProductHunt launch
  • Cold email
  • Articles/LinkedIn/blog
  • Medium, Quora, LinkedIn
  • Email lists
  • Talking to random people irl
  • Friends/Family
  • TikTok
  • Paid ads (don’t recommend it until you are scaling)

-Maddie Wang,

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