How do founders deliver value prop??

June 18, 2023

Let’s take a look at Sarah and Bob’s situation

Sarah tests 4 MVPs per month

Bob spends 1 Year building a “perfect app”

Who will get to PMF faster? Why?

How do we know success for MVP testing/building?

It’s finding out “Does this provide value?” as FAST as possible

Your goal: How can I use existing tools to deliver value prop?

Example situation

Define problem: Founders who don’t know each other want to co-work online with each other

Define value prop: Video call that founders can join anytime they want to co-work

Test tools: Using Zoom

Defined success: launch with 15 founders, 8 DAU after 2 weeks

If successful: start charging for membership

If it fails: Talk to founders to find out why. Pivot.

Other tools to deliver value prop

  1. Turn Figma into React - they fulfilled these requests manually / hired an offshore dev to test this. Once successful, they slowly automated it away.
  2. Doordash - people called their cell phone and they manually delivered food. They hired some drivers, then slowly made an app.
  3. Mentor Matching - Had people fill out a google form, matched people manually
  4. Uber - people called their cell phone for limousine service, then car service, then much later they created an app
  5. Automated Data Science Question and Answering -- hire a VA to answer all the questions and pretend they are the “AI”
  6. Automated Email follow up tool - Hire a VA to automatically do folllow-ups
  7. Zapier - Manually service clients yourself using a offshore dev

❌ Some Red Flags ❌

Build any app and spend more than 60 days building an MVP

✅ Instead:

  • Test on existing solutions
  • Use manual labor
  • Brainstorm with others how you can deliver the value prop in one day

Time to add the Feature Creep

Before you add a feature, write down your success metric

That way if it doesn’t hit it, you can kill the feature and double down if successful

The Common Success Metrics

  • Satisfaction (PMF score, NPS score)
  • Weekly engagement
  • Revenue/LTV

You decide based on your business what’s best!

Rooting for everyone’s success from !!

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